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Consultancy and organizational advice with a focus on people and the world

Advice. Coaching. Interim leadership. Umfields is ready to aid your organization in these areas of expertise. Our mission: making the world a better place by developing sustainable, people-focused organizations. We are happy to use our knowledge and experience in the areas of management, accountancy, logistics, and business administration to determine and adjust the strategic course of your business with sustainability as an integral part of the policy, and an implementation that prioritizes the people of the company.

Making sustainably successful entrepreneurship possible: this is how we do it

Building sustainable, people-focused organizations. That is what we do best at Umfields. We support you in formulating your strategy, translating your goals and ideals into concrete plans of action, and strengthening the support for these plans within your team. Together, we determine the road we take with you as the entrepreneur, co-owners or board members, and the people of your company. We believe leaders need an intrinsically motivated team to make a real difference. We call that the human factor.

In connection with each other and with the common goal