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The consultants of Umfields as connectors and allies

Ubbo Kuper and Wim Nienhuis are the driving forces behind Umfields. They describe themselves as allies who connect. As consultants, strategists, coaches, and advisors, they are ready to tackle any challenge with you by treating your business like it’s their own company, and by being an equal partner to you as an entrepreneur, as well as to the people with whom you want to achieve your goals. Umfields is the consultancy firm for those who want a successful, sustainable, people-focused organization because Wim and Ubbo strive like no other to make the world a better place. And they believe that an intrinsically motivated team makes all the difference.

Leadership with love

Your team members’ motivation is inextricably tied to the way you treat them. If you lead people with love, you’ll achieve better results and stimulate their intrinsic motivation. You’ll find that living in harmony with the world, commercial success, and a happy atmosphere are perfectly compatible. Based on this philosophy, Wim has already helped several organizations. For example, after his chartered accountant degree, he helped put Agrofair on the map as a fairtrade importer. As director at Boerman Transport, he added a sustainable, people-focused impulse to the company strategy. And as an independent advisor, he used his social, financial, and management experience to help many other entrepreneurs.

New paths, better results

Finding new paths and persevering at all times is what characterizes the mentality of the owners of Umfields. After all, those who discover new opportunities create space for better results. Ubbo already experienced the truth of this in his career as a professional marathon skater and top-level cyclist. And he has been successfully applying that same mentality since he entered the world of independent entrepreneurship as a business economist and business administrator in 2010. By now, Ubbo has filled the role of connecting ally and sustainability guide for a variety of companies. Initially, he did so as an individual consultant, and he recently joined forces with Wim. “Our main drive? Helping organizations find a sustainable future perspective.”

In connection with each other and with the common goal