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Joining the B Corp movement: proof of our positive impact on people and the environment

Entrepreneurship with a focus on people and the environment is in our blood. It shows in everything we do. Soon, it will show from our B Corp certification, too. The B Corp movement is a global community of over 6,000 companies that want to use “business as a force for good.” We understand we can’t do it alone. Participating in and cooperating with this movement is an essential factor. We are currently preparing our request for this certification.

A B Corp organization meets these requirements

To prepare for our participation in the B Corp movement, our organization needs to meet the following three criteria:

  1. Performance: delivering exceptional social and ecological performance. This is determined through an assessment based on the themes of governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.
  2. Accountability: striving to create value for people and the environment. By registering our sustainable mission in the articles, we ensure we continue to consider the impact of our decisions on people and the environment.
  3. Transparency: being open about our company results. By sharing a B Impact Report, we, as a B Corp organization, publicize a summary of our impact on these five themes. That way, we increase the transparency of our activities.

Want to know more about our application for B Corp certification?

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