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From strategic planning to concrete action

Years of experience with leadership and organizational advice

Umfields has an extensive area of expertise. From consultancy and coaching to intervision and training. Call upon our services for integral strategic advice, the translation of your dreams and organizational goals into practical planning, or the implementation of your plans with an excellent base of support throughout your entire company. It doesn’t matter whether the challenge of your organization is in the area of result improvement, market development, process optimization, acquisition, divestment of company parts, or company succession. If you want, we can manage the entire project. From inventorying the current and desired situation to drafting execution plans that will actually engage your employees.

The human factor: our people-focused approach

People are the focus of everything we do. Indeed, sustainability is all about the harmony between people and the environment. For each situation, we consider the impact of behavior on the intended change. Based on this, we draft a plan that we shape and implement together. This means both the management and the employees are involved. That way, everyone takes concrete steps in the right direction. A direction we agree upon together and that actually benefits the company. Umfields has been doing this for years and for a variety of satisfied clients.

In connection with each other and with the common goal