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We build sustainable, people-focused organizations

Sustainable, social entrepreneurship as an integral part of your entrepreneurial vision and strategy. That is what Umfields believes in. The future belongs to those who invest in corporate success with a focus on people and the environment. With our financial, management, and consulting backgrounds, we assist you in the formulation of your business policy. We help you translate goals and strategies into concrete plans of action. And we improve the connection between the company vision and the way the people in your organization think and act.

Together, we make the world a little better

Change is something you achieve together. That is why we will speak with the people in your organization that play a key role in achieving the company objectives. We pay attention to what moves them, add a sense of joy to the process, and create support for plans that are actually implemented. Based on the sustainable, ideal image of your company, our expertise in building people-focused organizations, and actual engagement with the entire team, we get to work. And we take concrete steps toward sustainable success and a better world.

In connection with each other and with the common goal